AMBARAM Architects is a multi-city based team of designers and thinkers branching out to Bangalore, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Muzaffarpur. Our expertise includes architecture, interior design, space planning and experienced design solutions. We create spaces considering functionality & form to achieve aesthetics to satisfy the requirement of the project. The projects vary in size, stature and complexity and includes hospitality, residential, commercial, exhibition and retail spaces. Each of the clients’ dream is attained with the best of inspiration and the desire to excel with the best of cutting-edge technology addressing the major issues of budget, timeframe and best available technology as required for the specific project.

Our belief is that architecture should create meaningful spaces.

Our motivation is that design can be a catalyst for change.


AMBARAM Architects visualises itself at the forefront of revolutionary design for international commercial spaces.

Visualising the client’s dreams with the new trends of design philosophy by redefining spatial elements to create unique identities that are meaningful and inspiring.

We create architecture and interior design solutions that challenge the imagination, tap into hidden desires and heighten aspirations within the spatial conceptual element.


Our close collaboration with our clients leads us to generate authentic design solutions and artistic judgements that satisfy the distinctive needs of each project while paying attention to the details, scale and proportions of the design. This special process constantly evolves to generate thorough an intense design solution with strong experiential identities that constantly meet our clients’ needs.